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The future of financial services – Who will be the most trusted?

Irish Broker - October 2012

For almost 5 years now, since the demise of our banks and the dramatic impact on Ireland's financial services landscape, the debate has raged on the structure of the financial services industry of the future. Who will emerge as the most trusted source of financial advice for Ireland's financial consumers, remains...

An industry in a state despite the state in the industry

Irish Broker - May 2012

Is our industry really in a state? Over the last 12 months this column has called for change in the life assurance industry, has attempted to stimulate meaningful dialogue and has proposed a series of alternatives to the existing industry model. Yet the silence from industry stakeholders has been deafening. This...

The time for talk is over

Irish Broker - February 2012

Inventing the Future

You previously described 2011 as a year in which the Life Assurance industry stood still. Do you feel that this pattern will continue in 2012? Let's be blatantly honest, all Life Assurance companies are struggling to cope with what is now accepted as a flawed business model. The focus is...

Are the banks broke(r)?

Business Plus - June 2011

Over the last twenty odd years, I have been contributing to and reading the many articles in this publication on key issues facing our industry. We have all witnessed profound changes over the last two years and all of us have had to make the necessary changes to adjust to this...