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Life and Pensions Business 2013 – What If!

Business & Finance February 2013

As we begin what will most likely be another challenging year for the life and pension industry here in Ireland, spare a though for our UK colleagues who have now entered the unchartered landscape of the post RDR world. For Independent financial advisors in downtown UK the challenge of advisor fees...

First off the merry go round wins

Business & Finance May 2012

At a time of great change in this crazy world, it is perhaps opportune to take a step back and look at the industry we all contribute to and have enjoyed working in for so many years. In the ever-ending search for boasting rights on market share, we find ourselves in...

Polly put the kettle on …Sukey take it off again

Business & Finance December 2011

The premium merry-go-round must stop - persistency is the new, new business, writes Eunan O’Carroll. I first addressed the issue of the premium merry-go-round in the Life Assurance industry 18 months ago and it seems not only has nothing changed but the momentum of premium movement has gathered pace. This was a...

An Industry at a Crossroads

Business & Finance October 2011

It’s time to stand up for our industry, make changes and regain trust – and regulation to force the unbundling of financial and banking services should be at the heart of those changes, writes Eunan O’Carroll. It is now generally accepted that the current life assurance business model is fundamentally flawed. Already...

Hope is not a strategy

Business & Finance Sept/Oct 2012

Retiring Irelands Next Generation – Hope is Not a Strategy At a time of great change in Irish society, a set of circumstances has converged which provokes a generation of fi nancial services consumers to challenge the post-retirement status quo. The traditional approach to funding for a pension, which for so long has...