Standard Life Nigel Dunne - CEO
As a Global player within the Financial Services arena and having witnessed the dramatic changes taking place in other jurisdictions, our strategy for the Irish market is to promote the ‘Thought Leadership Agenda’ which allows us talk to our brokers in a very different way.

When we were approached by Core Consulting to partner with them in the Industry leader’s conference ‘A future for the Life and Pensions Industry’ we immediately saw the significant commercial value in being associated with a thought provoking event such as this at this time of change. This conference clearly demonstrated Core Consulting’s Thought Leadership position and their understanding of the need for change in our industry and their determination to set a vision for a future.

Friends First Tom Browne - CEO
As part of our business repositioning we commissioned Core Consulting to develop a practical ‘Business Transition Workshop’ that would allow our key brokers to understand the critical steps associated with implementing effective Business Transition.

Core delivered a highly effective half-day learning programme for over 120 brokers in 5 different sessions, a key feature of which was the quality and depth of the learning materials presented. The feedback to date from the brokers concerned has been highly complementary. The attendees were almost universally of the view that the subject matters covered in the session were of relevance and importance for their own businesses.

In a market that is likely to experience significant change in the next few years, we believe Core Consulting will be a key player in preparing independent brokers for the challenges that lie ahead.

Dialogue Marketing Gary McLoughlin, Managing Director
Having been commissioned to assist a leading Financial Services Brand develop a market repositioning programme, we engaged Core Consulting to give us an insight into the market dynamic and likely future direction for the Life and Pension Industry.

The time spent with Core was invaluable and enabled us to gain a clear understanding of the challenges our client would face in repositioning their business at a time of great uncertainty in an industry that is in need of a clear vision for the future. Core’s industry knowledge allowed us to develop a programme for our client that has already provided significant commercial value. We intend to stay close to Core as part of our strategy of providing innovative customer solutions to our clients in the Financial Services sector.

Finance One Harry Slowey, Director
Finance One is a Financial Practice that specialises in four areas; Advisory services, Deposits and FX, Life and Pensions and Bonds/credit risk,/credit rating.

We have been working with Core for almost six months now. Having recognised the need to change our business model to remain relevant to our customers, and build long term sustainable revenue, we realised the need to implement a change management programme within our business.

The process we are undergoing has been highly effective and it has allowed us to better understand the key drivers of success and put a value on what it is our customers get from us. While at times challenging, knowing the Industry as well as Core does, particularly in the area of business transition this allowed us to make the necessary changes quickly and develop a clear strategy and roadmap for our business going forward.