Q?What is Business Transition?

We consider it to be the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of changing systems, structures and behaviours.

Q?Why do I need a structured business transition plan?

A structured business transition programme allows the organisation to align the goals, priorities, and resources to effect positive change. Without a clearly defined plan the business and its owners will find it difficult to protect the business from external challenges or position the business to take advantage of any changing market dynamic.

Q?Why is transition happening now?

You may feel that change is happening suddenly and is as a result of how the business has performed in the recent past. In reality the business and the market you are in is changing all the time with most change happening outside the organisation as a result of regulation, the social environment and consumerism. To ensure the external business challenges do not adversely affect your organisation and your staff you should be proactive in implementing a business transition programme so that your business remains relevant and valued by your customers.

Q?How do I know the time is right?

Transition your business at any time is all about setting and reaching goals. If you are confident your current business and revenue model is sustainable then perhaps now is not the time. The reality is however that with a rapidly changing social environment and its impact on consumers we constantly need to be improving what we do for customers and how we do it.

Q?What will change mean for my business?

That depends on your current structures, processes and ways of working. Typically a business transition programme will look at

  • Ways of working
  • Systems or business tools
  • Reposting structures and accountability
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Pricing, products and services