A clear tomorrow

For your business

Success is a science

if you create the conditions

you get the results

Invent your future

Hope is not a strategy

Vision without action

Is a daydream


Is your business fully in tune with the market & its likely future direction?


As a business you must continue to remain relevant to your customers.


Do you understand your competitive capability and how the changes in the market will affect your business?


Develop a clear strategic plan to enable your business to grow and thrive in a competitive market
Life Assurance

Life Assurance Companies

We assist life assurance companies with their distribution and territory management strategy. Read more..

Financial advisory firms

Financial Advisory Firms

We help financial advisory firms make the business model transition. Read more..



We work with organisations large and small, to assist them in developing and implementing effective sales strategies. Read more..

You Can Trust Our Experience

CORE Consulting is a business transition consultancy firm that operates predominately but not exclusively in the financial services sector. We also work within FMCG and the services industries. Our services are focused on delivering effective and measurable interventions that assist organisations implement durable customer orientated marketing and distribution strategies.


Our Standards

Transition through partnership

Working on site with your management team allows us to deliver measurable results.

Knowledge based on experience

With 29 years industry experience we understand the change management dynamic.